Deep inside my photo archive, I came across this image today - something I’d long forgotten about. Back in 2002, I had the rare honour and privilege of visiting Merce Cunningham in his New York apartment (thanks to the legendary Vic Miguel). It was entirely magical and quite unreal, Merce was so wonderful and kind - to think he would give a random Glaswegian stranger his time, and to share stories without hesitation. Merce showed me around the place, at one point motioning with his hand “…and this was John’s office”. Of course, by ‘John’ he meant the late John Cage, his long-time collaborator and partner. This photo is of that space - a rudimentary space, a makeshift shrine to a true maverick of music, augmented with assorted artefacts from a true maverick of dance. Thinking of it now, being in that place, with Merce in tow, it all seems entirely unreal. I’m glad I stumbled on the photo, glad to have rekindled such humbling thoughts.

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